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Frequently Asked questions

What should I wear?

If it is for a lower limb injury you will need to come in shorts, so that your muscles and joints can be seen during the assessment and treatment. If it is a back injury or upper limb injury you will be expected to take your top off to be able to be assessed fully. For ladies pleased can you wear a bra rather than sports bra if you are coming for a back assesment. 

How often is a regular sports massage?

A regular massage is once a month. However, depending on your training plan you may benefit having one more often. 

Do you have parking?

There is parking available right outside the clinic. Parking is free

How long is my appointment?

Initial assessments are 1 hour long including treatment time. Follow up appointments are 30 minutes long. 

I don't play sport.

Will you be able to help with my injury?

Yes- don't be mistaken by the name. We treat a variety of injuries and conditions. Even work related injuries

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